Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Please Sign the Petition to Stop Fox News North

""The government and big media have subtly colluded in the dumb­ing down—and numbing down—of America, both politically and culturally.

The easiest way to control the masses is to make them stu­pid. Intelligent people don't buy the bullshit; dumb people do. And we in the media are feeding folks a huge diet of dumb stuff—celebrity fluff, tabloid sleaze, and Big Lies from the administration. We're all about infotainment overload 24/7." Jack Cafferty CNN

In his book It's Getting Ugly Out There, Jack Cafferty calls Fox News the F-word, and lambastes the stupidity of television media, including his own network CNN.

And this is the type of station that Stephen Harper is bringing to Canada. A station that will further dumb down and numb down Canadians.

Hours will be spent debating nonsense.

The Liberal bus breakdown would have involved interviews with the bus driver. Passers by who saw the bus on the side of the road. Michael Ignatieff's former nanny would tell a story of how he tore the wheels off his toy bus as a child, which would then lead to speculation of sabotage.

Was he afraid to attend the town hall meetings? What is he hiding?

Former classmates would tell their tales. After 8 hours of continuous stories on a bloody normal break down, the Canadian people would be convinced that Michael Ignatieff hates bus drivers, and may be a terrorist.

Meanwhile, Canadian children will still go to bed hungry. Seniors will still worry about how they can manage since their pensions are not keeping up with the rate of inflation. Our soldiers will still be dying. Our veterans will still be suffering. There will still be disease, homelessness, joblessness and poverty.

But no one will care.

Fox News North's Biff Buffoon, will be interviewing a man who grew a giant potato that looks like Chairman Mao, and we can't miss it.

AVAAZ has a petition: Stop "Fox News North" with over 38,000 signatures. Please sign it and lend your voice to this important initiative. We have to let Harper know that we do not want this crap infiltrating our already weakened media.