Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stockwell Day Says Voters Will Punish Stephen Harper for His Flip-Flops

Stephen Harper supported the gun registry. At least he did when he was a Reform MP.

He said at the time that he had made his initial decision after a poll showed his constituents supported the registry, but then a second poll showed that 60 per cent were against it after learning more about it. After he switched, he was accused of flip-flopping and rigging the survey to get the result he wanted, according to 15-year-old news stories, while at least one newspaper editorial accused him of retreating from his convictions to toe the party line.

Accusations resurfaced when Harper and Stockwell Day were competing for the leadership of the Alliance Party. And today Stocky is still suggesting that Harper could be punished for his flip-flop.
Voters will hold to account MPs who switch their votes on the fate of the long-gun registry after campaigning to scrap it, Treasury Board President Stockwell Day says.
I guess he's still after Harper's job.

Not that Day is unfamiliar with flip-flops himself. In 2000 he tried to form a coalition with the separatist Bloc but then later called coalitions with separatists, undemocratic. Flip and flop.

He also said Canadians should be in Iraq, but later denied that he ever said that. Flip and flop.

And speaking of flip-flops, Harper MP Larry Miller stood up in the House yesterday and accused the Liberals of whipping and the NDP of flipping. Rich from the man who opposed Harper's HST and then ignored the wishes of his constituents and supported it. 'Other Tories were expected to fall in line with the government, but some are clearly not happy about it.I don’t get a vote on the HST, and you know that,” said Larry Miller, the Tory MP for the Ontario riding of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, after leaving a meeting of the Conservative caucus on Wednesday.' Whipped and flipped.

But lets take a little stroll down flip-flop lane, shall we?

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