Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ding Dong, Teneycke's Gone .... Don't Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out

Good news today. Kory Teneycke has resigned. But our battle is far from over.
"The resignation of Prime Minister Harper's former spin doctor from the leadership of one of Canada's most powerful news organizations is a battle won in a longer fight against crony-media in Canada.

We've seen a massive people-powered movement growing to protect our democracy, with 80,000 petition signatures and $110,000 raised online in just days. We saw the big corporate response - with smear pieces in Quebecor newspapers, legal threats, and insider knowledge of criminal sabotage of our petition. But Canadians did not back down.

Teneycke's resignation was sudden and unexpected, and followed Avaaz's request to the RCMP yesterday for a criminal investigation into the sabotage of our petition. This event only reinforces the need for a full police inquiry.
I hope Avaaz nails him to the wall. We have to send a message that crony-media is not welcome here.

Good work guys!


  1. All-RIGHT!
    In anyone outside the Harperhood neighborhood in Harperville, this resignation might be seen as a sign of guilt, but of course they'll spin the spin doctor right to a real doctor to give him a note saying he resigned for health reasons.

  2. You're right but it's still sweet. Now we just have to get rid of Ezra Levant's nonsense.