Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mr. Coalition is Getting Desperate. Too Bad He's So Damned Stupid!

Stephen Harper is officially the Canadian politician who has tried to enter into the most coalitions, beginning in the 90's.

He courted the PC's, the NDP; and the Bloc so many times, people were wondering if he didn't have a thing for Gilles Duceppe.

And yet he is still flogging his scary coalition nonsense to defend his position on the census. What an idiot!

Maybe he needs to do a little math. The majority of Canadians want the census kept, and the majority of Canadians voted for the other parties. Yet this madman is trying to paint the notion of a coalition that represents the wishes of the majority, as something we should be frightened of?

I guess that's why he'll never know a 'majority', becasue he has no idea what Canadians want.

The politics of fear when the only thing we're afraid of is him.

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