Friday, September 24, 2010

Turnabout is Fair Play as Victims of Gun Violence go After Harper's Quebec MPs

I love this story. With Stephen Harper suggesting that he only cares about farmers, so will go after rural opposition MPs who voted to keep the gun registry, others in Quebec are fighting back.
Survivors of the École Polytechnique and Dawson College shootings in Montreal are vowing to unseat Conservative MPs in Quebec who voted to abolish the federal gun registry. A busload of current and former students from the schools went to Ottawa to witness Wednesday's vote on the registry. It was saved by a 153-151 margin. Twelve Quebec MPs voted to scrap the registry. They include all 11 Conservatives from the province and Independent MP André Arthur from the Quebec City-area riding of Portneuf-Jacques-Cartier.

Hayder Khadim, one of the 19 people who were shot and survived when Kimveer Gill opened fire on the Dawson College campus in 2006, watched Wednesday's vote from the House of Commons gallery. Khadim, who is now 21, still has bullets in his neck and head. 'The main goal is a change of government.'— Hayder Khadim, Dawson College shooting victim He said he was relieved to see Bill C-391, a private member's bid to repeal the registry, go down in defeat.
I would like to see this made a national initiative.

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