Monday, September 13, 2010

You're Right Climenhaga: That's "really flipping' weird,"

The Reformers have finally come up with a new line to handle those pesky media questions. No longer will we hear "no comment". Nope. "Shaddap You Face"

"What do you mean the earth is only 6000 years ago?"

"Shaddap You Face"

"Why more prisons when the crime rate is falling?"

"Shaddap You Face"

"We have a deficit, so why are you giving hundreds of millions of dollars to professional hockey teams?"

"Shaddap You Face"

"The police want the gun registry kept. Shouldn't their opinion count?"

"Shaddap You Face"

It's brilliant really. Harper's base will love it.

So the next time a Reformer shows up at your door asking if you are going to vote for Stephen Harper, you know what you have to do:

"What's-a matter you, hey, gotta no respect
What-a you t'ink you do, why you look-a so sad
It's-a not so bad, it's-a nice-a place
Ah, shaddap you face"

And David Climenhaga has another excellent column. Love this man.

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