Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Canada's Right-Wing Media is in Trouble

For all the efforts that began with Conrad Black, to turn Canada to the right, we are simply NOT a right-wing country.

The National Post may have sung the praises of neoconservatism, but in the end neoconservatism has bit them in the butt.

News today is that there are layoffs and buyouts in the works for many of the original CanWest publications.
The entire National Post newsroom has been offered buyouts - and they have until Friday to accept, sources at the National Post confirm. Sources also say that there is no guarantee any employee applying for a buyout will receive one. ... . The news follows a series of buyout offers and layoffs at other Postmedia papers last week. The Globe and Mail reports 20 layoffs at the Edmonton Journal and 20 at the Calgary Herald.
It's a shame really but they had to know that Canadians have no stomach for constant negative attacks.

No one is saying that we want news from a left or right wing bent. We just want fair and balanced journalism. Maybe we can now return to that.

Are you listening Kory Teneycke?


  1. Kory just resigned! Apparently he was attracting to much negative attention to FOXNews North! I wonder what new role he'll provide to further Herr Harper's destruction of Canadian culture.

  2. I just heard that. That is very good news.

  3. Definately had a good laugh at this post. Balanced journalism in Canada? What a fantastic lark that is. There hasn't been balance in Canadian journalism in decades!

    For far to long there has been a sinister campaign in Canada to monopolize opinion in this country. In the mands of many on the left freedom of thought and speech is just fine, as long as they are the 'correct' opinions being voiced. I also find it quite fantastic that any one person sees fit to declare that Canada is or is not a right wing country. I would say that is up to the Canadian electorate, last time I checked I thought we possessed the freedoms to decide that? But who really knows in these dark days of the decaying Dominion.

    As to the 'Herr Harper' comment, any sanctimonious and over-priviliged snots who seek to compare any deomcratic leader to Hitler debase the real suffering experienced by those who had to live their lives under the tyranny of actual dictator. Perhaps you should reconsider that absolute privilage it is to live in a nation where you can utter such malignant rhetoric and not be strung up or plucked off the streets by the state police.

    When we sink to the depth of persecuting (and as we have recently seen prosecuting) citizens for expressing their opinions the foundation of Canadian democracy crumbles with tremendous earnest. Those who fear opinions contrary to their own should perhaps examine the validity of their own thought processes; debate don't delete!