Friday, September 10, 2010

Stephen Harper Wants to Spend 200 Million of Our Dollars For What????

He does know we're broke right?

And yet apparently this man without a plan, is going to fork over another 200 million dollars of our money for a hockey rink in Quebec.

That's 200 million!!!! Our money!!!!!!

I think he's certifiable. As Chantel Hebert says:
The notion of federal funding for a state-of-the-art hockey arena in Quebec City is a textbook case of desperate politics and bad policy. By flirting aggressively with the idea of forking out tens of millions of public dollars to finance the project, Stephen Harper and his Conservatives have manoeuvred themselves into a lose-lose position.
The latest poll showed that he would only have one seat left in Quebec. But if he wants to buy them off, use his own money and leave ours alone. We need far more important things.

But according to Don Martin, Harper has already committed the cash. I think he should be committed. Harper not Martin.
The picture of beaming Conservative MPs sporting new Quebec Nordiques hockey jerseys on Wednesday was worth a thousand words of political insight. Canadian taxpayers, it seems obvious, are about to sink almost $200 million deeper into deficit to finance a giant hockey arena in Quebec’s “national” capital to help land a second NHL hockey team for the province, in exchange for more Conservative seats.

The signs are not even subtle. Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s lapdog MPs would never pose in such a giddy thumbs-up stance without first getting the go-ahead from above. And there’s no way they’d get clearance from the PMO, where this contentious file now sits, unless Mr. Harper was setting up great expectations for a cash delivery. It was instructive that Quebec MP Maxime Bernier, who opposes public handouts for private enterprise, was missing from the photograph and e-mailed me a curt ‘no comment’ when asked about the merits of federal support for the arena.
Even Kelly McParland was critical:
Michael Ignatieff, the sound you’re hearing is the knock of opportunity. Hear it? Sounds like construction workers, right? Construction workers speaking French. Construction workers speaking French while they build a huge frigging arena in Quebec City so the Tories can vacuum up some
And of course, what you give to one you have to give to all.
Alberta hockey fans are hoping Calgary and Edmonton can cash in on federal funding for new arenas. "If they're going to do it for one, they should do it for all instead of just buying votes in Quebec," says Brian Speirs, a hockey fan in Calgary. Speirs is referring to the fact that Ottawa seems poised to contribute $180-million to help build a new hockey arena in Quebec City in hopes of bringing an NHL team back to the city.

On Thursday, the prime minister also hinted federal funding could be on the way for other professional sports teams. "Any treatment we're prepared to give to one major city, we're prepared to give to all," says Stephen Harper.
"We're prepared to give to all"???? Did he win the lottery?

We're broke you idiot. Remember? You spent all of our money on stupid stuff, and now have to raise EI premiums to pay for your toys.

I think it's time to cut up Harper's credit cards. He's out of control.


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