Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stephen Harper's Breech of Privacy Laws May Land Him in Legal Hot Water

Stephen Harper is no stranger to a courtroom, but his latest violations of Canada's privacy laws, could land him in a heap of hot water.
Confidential medical and financial information belonging to an outspoken critic of Veterans Affairs, including part of a psychiatrist's report,
found its way into the briefing notes of a cabinet minister.

Highly personal information about Sean Bruyea was contained in a 13-page briefing note prepared by bureaucrats in 2006 for then-minister Greg Thompson, a copy of which was obtained by The Canadian Press ...Mr. Bruyea has filed a formal complaint with the federal privacy commissioner, whose investigation continues. He has also filed a court challenge, claiming a breach under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
This is a serious offense.


  1. If Harper pulls strings to get his government out from under this one, we'll know for sure we're in ...hmm ...a police state? ...a Nazi state? ...a nasty state, anyway.
    I hope Mr. Bruyea has the strength to see this through. I once had to take my employer to arbitration after I was fired for having a physical illness, and it took years. By the time I won the arbitration, the stress had caused hundreds of bleeding ulcers in my colon (ulcerative colitis). The company's doctor testified at the arbitration hearing that the job had caused my condition, so after the arbitration hearing, my lawyer said I could sue the company. I refused. I couldn't go through that stress again.
    Mr. Bruyea will need plenty of physical endurance, as well as strength of character, to go carry on with this complaint. With government backing, then-minister Thompson can drag this on, and on, and on.
    -- K

  2. Like many of us, Emily, I've been stating for sometime just how Orwellian the harperites are. Thinking that this latest "episode" just drives my point home.
    I am way beyond disgust on this one. Only saddened by the fact that our government is represented by such a range of low-life characters, who between all of them, contain no sense of ethical behaviour whatsoever.

  3. And Harper will make sure that he drags it out. (I hope you're OK now)

  4. Somebody said over on CRUSH that remember the long form census debate? How Harper and Cashmere Tony said how evil and wrong it was to ask Canadians to answer personal questions about how many bedrooms you have in your house.

    Okay, now back to Emily's picture.