Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another Good One Dan Veniez: This Should Not be What Passes for Economic Management

Dan Veniez has another excellent column in Mark News that's worth a read. He brings up a lot of excellent points.

The upshot of Harper’s economic incompetence? Canada’s job performance is weak, our fiscal situation is deteriorating, trade is suffering, productivity is lagging, the federal government’s spending spree continues. Against that backdrop, the prime minister of Canada, the Right Honourable Stephen Joseph Harper, last week initiated a national conversation on a matter of vital national interest: should Quebec City receive $200 million from Canada’s taxpayers to fund the possible future home of the Quebec Nordiques? And if so, should every other city in Canada that wants one get one, too?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is what it has all come to. This is what passes for “competent economic management” for the Harper Conservatives. Should it be puzzling that the Harper Conservatives cling to the wholly ridiculous notion that they have credibility on matters of economic management?

Stephen Harper: Just Leaving.

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