Friday, September 10, 2010

NDP Claude Gravelle Steps up to the Plate and is Voting to Keep Gun Registry

I'm so glad because I like Claude Gravelle. I've blogged on him before and admired the way he stood up for workers in his riding.
A third New Democrat MP says he's changed his mind and will vote against a bill to do away with the long-gun registry. Claude Gravelle, the member for Nickel Belt, says he wants the registry fixed, not killed.

He was among 12 New Democrats and eight Liberals from rural and northern ridings who voted in support of a Tory private member's bill on the registry last fall. MP Candice Hoeppner's bill comes up for another vital vote later this month and needs at least some NDP votes to survive. Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff says he'll have his whole caucus vote against the bill this time; the Bloc is solidly opposed.
We're getting there.

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