Monday, September 13, 2010

Yes Folks. It's Here. Conservative Television. And You Thought Glen Beck Was an Idiot!

I love Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper. They have the best links, including one to the above video of Rob Anders interviewing the gun nut Garry Breitkreuz.


If this is the fare of Fox News North, we can only hope to stay awake long enough to change the channel. Talk about sucking the brain cells out of you.

Sorry boys, but you can't rewrite history.

And as Don Newman rightly points out:

Late summer manoeuvring over the long-gun registry could fire a double-barrel shot to the future electoral success of both the NDP's Jack Layton and Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The posturing leading up to the Sept. 22 vote in Parliament on the registry's future is costing Layton his credibility and leading Harper down a road where he shouldn't want to go.

I've lost a lot of respect for Jack Layton over this.

And as Newman suggests, this will also hurt Stephen Harper who has been pretending to be a modest politician, governing from the centre:

But if those are Layton's woes, why could this be a problem for the prime minister? Isn't he, after all, likely to succeed at his longtime goal of getting rid of the registry? And even if he doesn't, won't he get an "A" for effort?

Well, he will. But only from the people that already support him. Other voters are likely to wonder why this has become such a big issue, particularly when the police and the RCMP think the registry is a good idea. Having this come back on the public agenda now will rekindle still-fresh memories of killing the long-form census, even though all the experts said it was the wrong idea. Proof again, to some, that the Harper government approves of its own biases rather than the advice of experts.

But there is one other problem for the Conservatives. In the triangulation of politics outside of Quebec, Harper needs a strong NDP to take votes away from the Liberals and help the Conservatives win seats. An NDP weakened over the gun control issue is not in the Conservatives' interest. In terms of the future of the long-gun registry, the vote later this month is crucial. But no matter which way the vote goes, the political impact has already been delivered.

Yet Harper is still going through with those billboards. I don't think he can stop himself now. It's almost painful to watch. (I said almost)

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