Thursday, September 16, 2010

Margaret Atwood Won, Kory Teneycke Lost. That's Enough For Me.

How could Margaret Atwood not win? She's brilliant, and Kory Teneycke, is ... well ... not!

John Doyle has a very funny column in the Globe and Mail: 10 things you need to know about Fox News North
When making the announcement, the former spokesman for Our Glorious Leader Stephen Harper said, according to this newspaper, that “controversy over Sun TV, which he acknowledged he helped fuel, is hurting the project's chances of acquiring the regulatory approvals it seeks.” Yeah, well, whatever. Call me crazy but I seriously doubt if CRTC Chairman Konrad von Finckenstein read the news of Teneycke’s departure and said, “Oh, okay. That makes everything all right, then."

Steve Maher also covers Teneycke's departure:
To pump up Sun TV, Teneycke sought to grab attention by personally attacking people like Atwood in the bombastic style of a Fox News host, which was jarring in traditionally deferential Canada. Like Icarus in the Greek myth, he flew too close to the sun, got burned and fell to the ground.

I feel bad for him, but not that bad. When he was running the Sun papers, he got rid of some good reporters, including Sun columnist Greg Weston. Weston has had more scoops than I’ve had hot dinners, causing headaches for six or seven prime ministers, and it was disturbing to see him pushed out by someone so close to the government of the day.

Now Sun TV will be run by Luc Lavoie, a former spokesman for Brian Mulroney. And Teneycke? He is awfully talented, so I suspect his landing will be gentler than Icarus’s. If not, I think he would make an excellent ambassador to Chile.
Fox News Chile maybe?

El anfitriĆ³n de la demostraciĆ³n es Kory Teneycke

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