Monday, September 27, 2010

Soldiers Don't Need to Embarrass the Government of Canada. They do That on Their Own

With the continuing story of the abuse and neglect facing Canadian veterans at the hands of the Harper government, we learn that they are not even allowed to speak for themselves.
While politicians wrangle over support for disabled veterans, future beneficiaries are banned from the debate. Members of the Canadian Armed Forces are forbidden to comment on the programs designed to assist them when they are injured. Flying in the face of sensible policy development and common sense, disability benefits are arranged without input from future stakeholders.
Please email your MP, write letters to the editor, scream it from the rooftops, if necessary. This is not acceptable.

I've said before that supporting the troops, also means standing up for our veterans, especially given that they are not allowed, and sometimes physically unable, to stand up for themselves.


  1. More of the "we don't care what Canadians think" line, I guess, Emily. How absurd does a government have to get before we boot the whole damn bunch of them out of office?
    Whatever happened to the non-confidence vote? If ever we had a Prime Minister in whom we should have absolutely no confidence, it is now and he is Harper.
    "Members of the Canadian Armed Forces are forbidden to comment on the programs..." FORBIDDEN? What? They're going to send riot cops after the injured soldiers for talking about their needs?
    Gimme a break, reform-cons, this is the height (or depth) of absurdity.
    -- K