Sunday, September 12, 2010

National Citizens Coalition -- errrr ... Reform Party ....errr... Who is Stephen Harper Working For Today?

When Stephen Harper was with the National Citizens Coalition, they were notorious for their billboards.

If there was ever anything stupid to say, you could count on them to slap it on a billboard and display it for the Neanderthals to honk and sane Canadians to shake their heads.

Well I guess you can take the right-wing nut job out of the National Citizens Coalition, but you'll never take the National Citizens Coalition out of the right-wing nut job.

Boy genius is now going to hoist billboards in the rural communities of opposition members, denouncing the police, women and anyone with half a brain, who knows that registering your gun is not the same as having it confiscated.

I said confiscated, not constipated, Garry Breitkreuz, you idiot!

Kind of funny, how they claim those voting to keep it are ignorning their constituents. When was the last time the Reformers voted with their constituents on anything? Every vote is whipped to death. Hell, their MPs aren't even allowed to talk.

And speaking of that, why are those Reformers not standing up for urban communities?

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