Saturday, September 18, 2010

Stephen Harper Says That We Can't Handle the Truth and the Media is Dangerous For Thinking we Can

The fact that we now have the most secretive government in our history, is once again validated in memos confirming that every single solitary bit of information, must be vetted through the Harper regime before reaching our sensitive ears.

Clearly he's just trying to protect us, right?

I mean can you imagine the chaos if we knew about recent scientific discoveries?

We all know that scientists are the enemies of the state because they contradict just about everything that Harper spews from his "elitist" Toronto mouth.

Media requests that used to be handled by government experts and communication staff across Canada now require a small army in Ottawa to answer, say the documents obtained this week under the access-to-information law. They show how it takes seven — and often more — “subject matter experts,” including media officers, senior bureaucrats and political staff, to craft and approve responses .... The summary stresses in bold type that: “Approval from the minister’s director of communications must always be sought — no exceptions.”

And remember, these guys are our employees, not the exalted one's.

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