Monday, September 20, 2010

The "Toronto Elite" Tell John Baird to Flick Off

When John Baird recently said that it was the Toronto Elite who were creating the controversy over the Gun Registry, it prompted Chris Rands to remind us that Stephen Harper was born and raised in Toronto, so was in fact our first PM from that fair city.

What I wasn't prepared for, and should have been when I blogged on it, was that some people from Toronto might take offense. They don't want to aligned with Stephen Harper. Fair enough.

We were only trying to expose the Conservative hypocrisy.

"Toronto" "elites" ... that's all it took to stir up Harper's base.

Well, a card carrying member of the "Toronto Elite" challenged Baird to explain himself.

Memo To John Baird from the Toronto elite
It pains me to say this, because I prefer to err on the side of respect for those who hold public office, but I think you are a dangerous man.
Well worth a read.

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