Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Did Jim Flaherty Give Rob Ford the Kiss of Death?

Rob Ford was leading into the polls and positioned to be the next mayor of Toronto. A bad move for Toronto, a vibrant city and tourist draw.

Ford would have fit in well with Mike Harris. But Ontario is still struggling to forget those horrible years and having our largest city in the grips of a neocon knucklehead is not the way to go.

This man has no ideas except to reduce taxes and increase the city's unemployed.

But it seems that since Jim Flaherty gave him a ringing endorsement, Torontonians woke up and said "what the hell?"

Jim Flaherty? One of the causes of our financial problems. Not bloody likely.

Now Ford is losing steam. Let's hope it continues.

His stances on things like immigration, make him no better than Donald Andrews. The only difference is that Andrews admits to being racist.

This is not the way for Toronto to go.

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  1. Oh, goodie, another closet racist. The world needs more of those. NOT. Good thing the people of Toronto realized what Jim Flaherty's support really means.