Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Amnesty International Has Declared That Canada is no Longer a Democratic Country

A rather chilling report from Amnesty International, has confirmed that we are no longer living in a democratic country.

Stephen Harper has eroded our democracy to the point where we are now officially more of a fascist nation than anything even resembling a free country.
...what Amnesty International's new secretary general has to say about the human rights approach of Harper's government is sobering for those who support such fundamental rights as freedom of opinion and respect for democratic principles.

Amnesty International's new leader, 49-year-old Salil Shetty, told delegates attending the Aug. 23 CIVICUS World Assembly meeting held in Montreal on citizen participation in society that his organization was worried about human rights in Canada.

Shetty stated: "Amnesty International is more and more concerned about the serious worsening of the human rights approach of this government.
I can speak from personal experience, if you want some idea of how this government does things. I belong to an advocacy group: Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper.

During the G-20, signs with our name and web address mysteriously appeared, and the front page of MacLeans showed a man wearing a gas mask, predominantly displaying one of them, walking away from a burning car. We have no idea who he is or where the signs came from. The photo looked very professionally staged. Our group's budget is small and we could never have afforded anything like that.

Our administrators posted a disclaimer, but we did not close up, the way they no doubt hoped we would. I am so proud of them.

But there was a message there. A week or so before Dimitri Soudas had denounced us as radicals. I can assure you we are anything but. We are a group of ordinary Canadians, from all walks of life, committed to restoring democracy to this country.

We collect a bit of money and puts ads in newspapers when we can afford them. We share links, quotes and stories. I get a lot of information there that I use on my blog.

We have got to start taking this seriously. And we have also got to start demanding that our media do a better job of keeping us informed. They have allowed this man to operate in almost total secrecy, and now as the secrets are being revealed, what we've learned is the stuff of spy novels.

Did you ever honestly believe that an international organization would accuse Canada of being undemocratic? CANADA? What has he done to us?


  1. I never thought that I would see the day! Thank goodness CRUSH is there. It's like sitting at a giant kitchen table with other Canadians who are worried about what's happening and becoming well informed so they can help others understand what is happening too.