Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Stories

There has been a rumour floating around for awhile now that Laureen Harper has left her husband for her RCMP bodyguard.

I don't really like to post rumours, and besides, who cares? Our only question might be, what took her so long?

According to blogger Old Man's Porch:
... a politically connected friend of mine mentioned some apparently very well known local gossip that completely blew my mind. According to him, it is well established throughout the political community that Stephen Harper is completely separated from his equally dead-eyed wife Laureen (remember I tweeted about her being sad and dead eyed at the olympics? MAYBE it was because she’s living out a sad pathetic lie under the watchful eyes of her very impressionable children!!!!).
What is giving the story a bit of credibility are a number of disappearing headlines, that cross our monitors like blips on a radar screen. A fire on the lawn of 24 Sussex Drive ... a break in ... a home invasion. These stories disappear from sight as quickly as they appear, making some wonder if they were going to be the explanations for her departure. The place was no longer safe.

However, there is another disappearing story that is far more alarming. Harper's handpicked new RCMP boss announced a new threat to national security. RCMP warn against threat of coup d’etat. activities aimed at overthrowing, by violence, the Government of Canada.”


Did the PMO hope to rile their base, as they did when the 2008 coalition, copied from Harper's 2004 coalition, was formed? Do they really expect us to believe that the opposition are planning a violent overthrow of the Harper government?

That's just plain nuts.

But he's run out of prorogations. He wouldn't dare try that again. And we know that power is everything to him, and if he feels that he's losing his grip on it, anything is possible.

I keep going back to his personal photo gallery. If you walked into some one's home or office, and found every square inch of wall space covered with photos of themselves, would you not be a little frightened? On crime dramas, we see this when the story line is of a stalker. But he is stalking himself.

I think he may be a little nuts.


The coup d’etat may have referred to an incident when Pearson was in power. But this was the first time it was mentioned on an RCMP report. And I still think Harper may be a little nuts.


  1. I read a good mystery once about a bomber. The first chapter had a narrative on the construction of a bomb, told as the bomber assembled it and describing the state of mind and thoughts as it was assembled. There was sentence that absolutely blew me away and made me understand this kind of violence. It was something to the effect of, "there is a point when your desperation and your sense of utter futility makes violence possible and even the only choice." I have never experienced that kind of desperate helplessness, but I think I see how some things in history happened now. I wonder if groups like "rallying to unseat Harper" are seen as the source of a coup d'etat? I wonder if they might, with their RCMilitary Police push the frustration of these groups into rash action?

  2. We (Canadians Rallying) could never be moved to do anything like that. Besides, we don't have the money.

    We are just a peaceful bunch, worried about the direction that our country is headed.

    I don't really see Canada as being a country where a coup d'etat was possible. Perhaps that's naive, but for Harper's base, with their heads still stuck in the Cold War, I can see why they would believe something like that.

    They are victims of the politics of fear.

    We want to vote Harper out and encourage others to exercise their democratics rights, by voting next election and giving a voice to the 2/3 of Canadians who do not support this government.

  3. No, no. I understand what CRTUH are doing. I understand that there is no violent agenda. I'm a member of a bunch of these groups too, and I would do everything in my power to steer anyone away from violence, but I wonder if the stupid goverment only understands a stupid violent mentality, and if they have interpreted the very large wish to be rid of them as somehow indicative of potential violence.

  4. It's possible. They are pretty stupid and like to keep their "base" that way.