Friday, September 24, 2010

The Irish Rovers do the G-20. Wasn't That a Party?

This is just like those weeks after Christmas when the credit card bills come in, as we are now learning just what more than a billion dollars was spent on, when we hosted he G-20.

80 million for food and lodging, including the Sutton place in downtown Toronto.

$ 282,412.43 for “geomatics requirement.” (the better to keep track of us my dear)

$315,000 for “high-end furniture” (?) (How good does it have to be when you're sitting around a "fake lake"?)

$2-million for an exhibit called “Invest in Canada.”

$334,000 on bugspray, hand sanitizer and sunscreen

$246,000 for a “living wall”

$85,000 for snacks

$14,000 for glow sticks

$31,390 for flag poles.

$34 million on telecommunications and electronics

$17 million for vehicle rentals and transportation.

$4.5 million for the security fence

$3.2-million single contract for shuttle buses

$45,000 on binoculars.

$1.2 million on condominium rentals

$930 million for security

But it was fun though, right? It's a good thing we were in recession. Can you imagine how much they would have spent if we actually had money in the bank?

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