Friday, September 24, 2010

Toronto Tells Jim Flaherty to Flick Off

Joe Fiorito reminds us of just how much economic damage Jim Flaherty did to Toronto when he was with the Mike Harris government.

And now he is trying to offer them advice???

By far the worst finance minister this country ever had.
Jim Flaherty, the federal minister of finance, said on CBC radio the other day that he was endorsing Rob Ford for mayor because he thinks it is time that Toronto got its financial house in order. I am tempted to tell Jim Flaherty, in capital letters, to keep his big mouth shut and not to meddle in the affairs of this town, where he neither lives, nor works, nor holds municipal office. I will restrain myself. I will merely point out that if Toronto is in financial trouble, it is in large part because of the role Jim Flaherty played as the bloody cleaver in the hands of Butcher Harris.
Not surprising that he's endorsing Rob Ford, another millionaire redneck.

If he wins he's already designed his tourism slogan.

"Come to Toronto. The butt scratching capital of the world."

Although they had to be redone so his "base" could read them"

"Wellcum 2 Trnto ... 'da bum scritchin' captal uff 'da wuld."

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