Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stephen Harper Changes His Mind About Funding Professional Hockey. We Think ... Maybe

After threats of a caucus revolt and criticism, almost sorta' kinda' from Jane Taber, Harper has reversed his decision to fund professional hockey teams.

'Ya think?
Prime Minister Stephen Harper dashed Quebec City hopes for full public funding to build a professional sports arena that could eventually attract an NHL franchise. During a speech to more than 200 Conservative Party supporters in Quebec City Monday evening, Mr. Harper explained that in the current period of fiscal restraint this was not the time for Ottawa to take on a responsibility that should be fulfilled mainly by the private sector.

The Prime Minister didn’t close the door to an eventual financial contribution for the construction of a professional-size arena in Quebec City but insisted it would have to be approved on the basis of principles applicable to other Canadian cities making similar demands.
The Canadian taxpayer should NEVER be funding PROFESSIONAL sports teams. EVER.

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