Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stephen Harper Says That Canada Needs This Gun Registry

I posted a history of Canada's gun laws not long ago, including the fact that Stephen Harper had voted twice in favour of the registry, when he was a Reform Party MP.

I thought it was important for Canadians to understand that this was not a Liberal Gun Registry, but our gun laws emerged over time as various governments answered to the demands of the Canadian people.

In fact one of the major changes came about on the initiative of a former Ontario Attorney General, while Conservative Bill Davis was premier. Davis's daughters had been attending a school where a shooting had taken place.

And that Attorney General was John Clement, stepfather of Tony Clement.

Postmedia has picked up on some of the history of the Harper hypocrisy: Harper initially supported long-gun registry
He said at the time that he had made his initial decision after a poll showed his constituents supported the registry, but then a second poll showed that 60 per cent were against it after learning more about it. After he switched, he was accused of flip-flopping and rigging the survey to get the result he wanted, according to 15-year-old news stories, while at least one newspaper editorial accused him of retreating from his convictions to toe the party line.
Puts things in perspective, doesn't it?

And Harper's games are resulting in more NDP members deciding to do what's right: Tory tactics driving NDP MPs to back gun registry
REGINA—A Conservative backlash is driving more New Democrats MPs into the pro-gun registry camp, the Toronto Star has learned. Welland MP Malcolm Allen confirmed Monday at the NDP’s caucus retreat in Regina that he will be reversing his earlier support for a Conservative private member's bill to scrap the controversial program “The majority (of people in his riding) … have said ‘we think at this point we should keep it and we want you to go work on it,’” Allen told the Star.
So keep up the good work Steve. Your hypocrisy is helping us all.

And speaking of hypocrisy. Remember this?

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