Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Harper Government Has Spent $281,586 on Spinach Based Cosmetics

I'm so excited. I love this stuff. A little feta ...a little wine ...

... What do you mean I can't eat it?

I'm paying $ 300,000 for something that I can't even eat?

Well that sounds like a waste of money.

I'm still looking for recipes for F-35 fighter jets. I hear they're high in iron and other important minerals.

But would you eat them with a red or a white?



    Canadian government backs spinach-based cosmetics
    By Simon Pitman, 05-Sep-2008

    Related topics: Formulation & Science

    PureCell Technologies says it has secured a CAD2.9m in Canadian government funding to help develop an organic extract compound for cosmetics from baby spinach.

    PowerCell says it will use funding to help build a 3,000 square metre production extraction and cosmeceutical manufacturing facility in Montmagny, about 80km east of Quebec City.

    The project will rely on supplies of organic baby spinach mainly from Canada.

    The facility will extract, purifty, stablilize and condition the compound ready for use as an active ingredient in a range of skin care products. The compound itself is said to generate the photosynthesis process in baby spinach.

    In clinical trials this extract of baby spinach has been proven to have distinct anti-ageing qualities at the cellular level, which should make it highly effective in targeted anti-ageing creams and sunscreens.

    Specifically the compound has shown the anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that are prerequisites for targeted and functional skin care lines on the markets.

    Indeed, the company says that initially it is planning to manufacture two anti-ageing creams and a sunscreen at the facility, which will be aimed at the premium end of the market and likely to be categorized as cosmeceuticals.

  2. I'd suggest red with the bloody jets!