Monday, September 20, 2010

Margaret Atwood Kicks Some Fox News North Butt

On Friday, Ezra Levant had another column published in our local paper (Kingston Whig Standard), now part of the Sun group, whose writers compete weekly in a dumbest column contest. Part of the criteria is that they must show their undying devotion to the Reform movement and destroy anyone with differing political views.

Ezra usually wins and with Kory Teneycke gone, his competition has been all but eliminated.

Under the heading Atwood's flip-flop on free speech Levant made the following accusations:
Canadian author Margaret Atwood is a free-speech activist. She is the vice-president of International PEN, the advocacy group for imprisoned writers.

As a civil libertarian, Atwood defends freedom, even for odious people. Like Al Jazeera, the satellite network owned by an Arab sheik. Al Jazeera helps publicize terrorists like al-Qaida, who send snuff videos to the channel, knowing they will be obediently aired as propaganda.
Did I mention that the contest was for the dumbest remarks?

Well Atwood has fired back, and surprise, the Sun Media has published her rebuttal. The first intelligent thing I've read in the Sun for a very long time. Of course their heading did vindicate them. They are not attempting to be a legitimate newspaper. They only published it so their readers could continue their viscous attacks.

Margaret Atwood in the Sun?!?! Canadian author and (Scotch-swilling) icon fires back at us over Sun TV News (and we’re so scared!)

"And we're so scared"? Welcome to Fox News North. Only complete morons welcome.

One comment made by Atwood, when she was "accused" of supporting the Green Party, was: "I’d vote for a turnip if it was accountable, transparent, a parliamentary democrat, and listened to people."

So someone has started a group supporting the turnip's bid for prime minister, since he would definitely out perform our current one.

Vote Margaret Atwood's Turnip for Prime Minister of Canada

It's just a fun tongue in cheek response to Sun's nonsense. Though if it came down to voting for Stephen Harper or a turnip, I'd pick the turnip.

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