Saturday, September 11, 2010

Does Stephen Harper Have a Caucus Revolt on His Hands?

I wondered how long it would be before Maxime Bernier spoke out against Harper's latest plan to give 200 million dollars to a multimillionaire, to build a for-profit rink.

Possibly, the same multimillionaire who is Kory Teneycke's boss and the man who wants to bring us Fox News North.
Former cabinet minister Maxime Bernier as come out against Prime Minister Stephen Harper's willingness to use federal dollars to fund sports arenas and stadiums across the country. The Quebec MP has joined other Conservatives, particularly in Western Canada, who are reportedly angry at the proposal. Sources have told CBC News that a caucus revolt could possibly be brewing, with MPs demanding the federal government keep out of the business of professional sports.

Writing on his blog, Bernier said that "the project is simply not profitable and will constitute a financial burden for taxpayers for decades to come, even in the best scenario. That’s why not a single private player has been found to invest in it."
How could any of the Reformers possibly campaign on that? They are supposed to be pretending to know what they're doing on the economy. We have a huge debt and deficit. They are asking the working class to pay more taxes and higher EI premiums. But they are giving money to PROFESSIONAL HOCKEY CLUBS!!!!

Millions and millions of dollars with the promise of more to come.

My question would be, even if we could afford this, since taxpayers are footing the bill, do we get in to watch the games for free?

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