Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Conservatives Will Now Investigate Their Own Corruption. It Will be Easier That Way.

Investigation into a fundraiser, a senator and a company who was awarded a mammoth contract, after attending said fundraiser and hiring said senator, has been handled by the perpetrators.

And shockingly, the perps said they did nothing wrong.

Easy as pie.

Maybe we should try that in the criminal courts, to cut down on costs. They could just judge each other.

Remember when you had to hand your test to the person behind you in class to grade, and were thrilled that it happened to be your best friend?

It's kind of like that, only better.
In 2009, the auditor general reported a “significant deficiency” in the Federal Bridge Corp. Ltd.’s corporate governance, saying the parent board had not exercised its oversight role with respect to its own affairs and those of its subsidiaries.

... The JCCBI figured indirectly in a December 2009 investigation by the Senate ethics officer, who looked at whether Tory Senator Leo Housakos had breached any of the upper chamber’s rules when the Champlain Bridge contract was awarded to engineering firm BPR. Housakos had been working for a BPR subsidiary at the time, and was also a key organizer of the May fundraiser.


  1. A whole new twist on "a jury of your peers" - these days they can call it "a jury of your peeps"!

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