Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More on Harper's New Anti-Embarrassment Police Division

I wrote earlier this month, that Canada's police forces have now created an anti-embarrassment division for our little dictator, to make sure that he's always zipped up, and if his plastic hair ignites because he's leaned too close to a candle, it's not caught on tape.

But apparently there are some Canadians who don't support this important branch of our law enforcement.
As I hope most Canadians know, the RCMP and municipal police services are mandated to uphold the laws of Canada, not protect politicians from legitimate public scrutiny and the repercussions that might follow.

RCMP Sgt. Robert Pilon's commendation of the Saskatoon Police Service for protecting Prime Minister Harper from "embarrassment," speaks to a disturbing underlying motive by the RCMP's brass that falls clearly outside that force's mandate.
Now c'mon Mr. Garden. Are you trying to imply that the RCMP are not allowed to beat up reporters if they try to ask Il Duce a question? He's gonna' be some mad at you.

I guess your next job will be covering tea parties and greased pole competitions.

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