Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Donating Money to the Reform-Conservatives Pays Huge Dividends

Investing money in the Reform movement pays huge dividends these days. Twelve million dollars to be exact.

Harper's so-called handling of the Haiti crisis has been just one disaster after another.

First we find out that the ships he rushed from shore arrived empty, and now a single source 12,000,000 contract went to a Harper friendly company.

The Conservative government has pledged to closely monitor a $12-million reconstruction contract in Haiti which it doled out without a public bidding process.

The government made the promise in the House of Commons Tuesday after The Canadian Press revealed the contract was awarded to a prominent Alberta company without public tendering.

The project to build a temporary shelter for the Haitian government was given to a subsidiary of Calgary-based ATCO Ltd., which has three Conservative donors on its board of directors.

Nice to know the first thing they think about at a time like this is profit.

Welcome to Harperland.

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