Thursday, March 25, 2010

Who's In? Who's Out? How Does Jason Kenney Keep Track?

When the Reformers decided to exploit the ethnic communities for votes, they went a little too far, and appear to have created a situation they are not equipped to handle.

With an extremely selective immigration process and 'visitor' policy, they have created divisions within those communities.

So Muslim hater Ann Coulter is in, British Member of Parliament is out. Human rights violator in, Sikhs out.

How does Jason Kenney keep track of it all? I just learned that he may even be going after the Mennonites for being anti-Semitic. Yes those radical Mennonites. Did I mention that Jason Kenney was nuts?
Members of Canada's Sikh community are planning a protest this evening outside a downtown Toronto hotel over the presence of an Indian cabinet minister they accuse of human rights abuses.

Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, a lawyer and legal adviser to the group Sikhs for Justice, says India's Highways Minister Kamal Nath should have been barred from Canada. Nath has said he was sent to the scene of a New Delhi riot in 1984 in which Sikhs were burned to death to try to disperse the crowds.

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