Friday, March 5, 2010

Jason Kenney's Homophobia Was Nurtured on the Streets of San Francisco

As Jason Kenney has been flipping and flapping, trying to suggest that he was not involved in removing gay rights from his so-called citizenship guide book, for some country we've not yet been able to identify; I came across an article yesterday that once again proves he's lying.

It was from the Catholic digest June 2, 2003; when he was speaking on politics and religion. In it, he's quoted as saying that political activity is "a necessary form of charity in the promotion of the Gospel."


He was also asked about his undying commitment to the War in Iraq, that Pope John Paul II had just denounced.
And he said the determination of whether a particular war is just lies exclusively with the responsible public authority, not priests or bishops. In this case "the responsible public authority would be President Bush and me," he explained.

"So I take issue with those bishops who made what sounded like magisterial pronouncements about the legitimacy of that conflict," Kenney said in response to a question. "They did not have the authority to make such a declaration. They can offer an opinion which I would take very seriously but ultimately I am called upon by the Church itself as a responsible public authority to make a credential decision."

So the War in Iraq was launched by George Bush and Jason Kenney. I could have sworn there were a few others involved, but I guess not. Just those two. Also nice to know that as a Catholic he thinks he knows better that the Pope!

But in relation to the recent emails exposing that it was Kenney himself who was responsible for having the notion of gay rights removed from his guide, is another little tidbit from the article:
... as a university student leader made headlines in California trying to ban abortion groups from the university and fighting against gay rights in San Francisco.

Now the people in San Franciso are probably used to religious kooks denouncing their gay population, but what exactly did Jason Kenney do that 'made headlines'? I can only imagine.


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