Friday, March 5, 2010

Brad Trost Believes That Democracy is Over Rated

Brad Trost is the Reform-Conservative MP for Saskatoon-Humboldt. During his two and a half month vacation at taxpayers expense, he took a few hours off to do a very important job for King Stephen.

He ran interference.

Obviously accepting that a government has the right to operate in complete secrecy, Brad stormed past the Canadian people, where he could enjoy a lovely luncheon with the boys at the Delta Bessborough Hotel in Saskatoon.

Keeping his government's secrets has been a nice pastime for Bradley, though many people believe that in his case, it's simply that he really has no clue what the inner circle are doing.

If he did, he might warn his constituents about the traitorous trade deal his boss cooked up, allowing them to pay their taxes directly to foreign corporations.

Or he might see the warning signs of a fascist regime, that is clearly taking over the Canadian Parliament.

As Muriel Wien reminds us: former public servants, academics, retired diplomats and other people of integrity have sounded the alarm; and are warning us that our democracy is in grave danger.

Shauna Sylvester, who has worked in many fascist countries, also sees the warning signs:

Some of the early warning indicators are:

• Limits on the media and the erosion of free speech

• The development of policy without consultation

• The centralization of power

• Limits placed on the activities of public servants

• Quelling or squashing dissent

But whether Brad is keeping secrets or is simply in the dark, is no excuse.


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