Monday, March 1, 2010

The Opposition Must Not Back Down Without a List of Demands

The Hill Times is reporting today that the Liberals may back down from their demand for uncensored documents, provided that the Conservatives allow a full public inquiry.


We now know that the Reformers have been working behind the scenes to tie the hands of the committee, adding a few pages to their book on how to obstruct progress.

But if they do drop the order to produce documents, it must be with conditions.

This is a list from WE the people of Canada who are sick to death of Harper's nonsense:

1. WE want the committee to be able to pick up where they left off, and not have to start from scratch.

2. WE want unredacted memos pertaining to what our government knew and when, handed over. When we voted for our Member of Parliament, we trusted them with our secrets.

3. WE want all of Richard Colvin's legal bills to be paid for past and future appearances.

4. WE want Peter Tinsley to be reinstated, because as he says ' ... pushing him out of the job will effectively kneecap the already crippled inquiry into claims that Afghans tortured prisoners.'

5. WE want Jason Kenney to stop his rampage on our NGOs (and maybe see a shrink because that's guys got a few too many bats in the belfry)

6. WE want Ari Fleisher to be fired and not given anymore 'secret' contracts, that we only learn about by reading U.S. newspapers.

7. WE want the Conservatives to start taking this seriously. No more lies and no more nonsense.

8. WE want an end to the ridiculous photo-ops with our military. They are just as ashamed of our government as we are over this issue. Fight your own damn battles and leave them out of this.

9. WE want an end to the ridiculous ten per centers, especially the ones suggesting that the opposition believes that our soldiers are guilty of war crimes. It's a lie and the Reformers know it.

10. WE want a public apology to everyone who has been hurt by this government's decisions. That includes the people of Afghanistan, the opposition and our troops who have been forced to wear the shame because Stephen Harper refuses to.

So the Conservative government will meet all of these demands, or WE will want an election, no matter what Tim Naumetz of the Hill Times says.

Because if this ends up in the International Courts, and Canada is charged with war crimes, our protests over the abuse of prorogation will be nothing compared to the grief WE will give you over that!

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