Monday, March 15, 2010

Helena Guergis Hurting Conservative Fundraising?

Apparently it would seem that members of the Reform-Conservative Party are calling on Stephen Harper to throw Helena Guergis out. They claim that she is hurting their fundraising efforts.

Oh really?

Just because she throws shoes in an airport and her husband got off a drunk driving/cocaine possession charge? I would have thought they'd have thrown her out when she claimed that young girls are responsible for their own rape, but what do I know?

Or could it be that their fundraising is drying up because of their arrogance at shutting down Parliament for three months while they blatantly show up at the Olympics?

Oh and by the way, I drink Tim Hortons and so do most of my friends, and we'd never vote for Stephen Harper. Are Timmies trying to tell us that they don't want our business unless we agree to a dictatorship? What a stupid comment.

Trying to attract the Tim Hortons crowd? I swear our media gets stupider by the minute.

Another video making the rounds is from 2000, when, according to Wikipedia:

The Canadian television program The Fifth Estate profiled Sylvia Stark in January 2000, and included interviews with Guergis and other former contestants. Stark alleged that Guergis made death threats against her, and added that she had lost a child from the resulting stress and was unable to conceive again. Guergis responded by questioning the state of Stark's mental health.

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