Saturday, March 20, 2010

If You Are What You Eat, Harper Better Lay Off the Turkey

Neoconservatiam scores another victory, as the Harper government once again puts Canada and Canadians last.

In an attempt to bankrupt our nation and bust unions in the process, Canada Post will be replacing their fleet of vans, and instead of providing, or at least securing Canadian jobs; those vans will be made in Turkey.

Yes, Turkey.

CAW is furious, as we all should be.
WINDSOR, Ont. — Canada Post is replacing its aging leet of mostly urban light delivery vehicles with Ford Transit Connects made in Turkey, not the Windsor-made Chrysler minivan.

The decision was a final blow to an unsuccessful obbying effort by the Canadian Auto Workers and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers urging the post office to adopt a "buy Canadian" policy and to select the Chrysler minivan.

CAW Local 444 president Rick Laporte, who represents workers at the Windsor minivan plant, said he is outraged ... "It's mind-boggling to me that they would spend money on foreign manufactured goods when this country is struggling with its economy, and we're losing manufacturing jobs at an alarming rate."



  1. I can't fathom the stupidity of this government. The BC "Liberals" also looked to Germany for their new ferries, which are huge fuel hogs, ignoring the shipyards in Esquimalt, which would have employed hundreds of local people. Good, taxpaying jobs that would have fueled hundreds of secondary jobs in the community. Why?

  2. It's that neoconservative "free marketeering" thing. Maxime Bernier asked recently "In a global economy is nationality really important?"

    Just asking a question like that says it all.

    But throwing all this energy into transporting our jobs, why are they not looking to secure contracts for Canadian industry from them?