Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More on Harper's Hostile Take Over of Rights and Democracy. Who are These Guys?

Following the continuing story of the hostile takeover of our Rights and Democracy agency, we learn that the Reformers are still on a rampage, firing dissidents and making life a living hell for anyone who dares to defy them.

In the latest round, they have appointed another Christian extremist, Gérard Latulippe, as president of the agency.

OTTAWA - A former politician with strong ties to the Conservative government has been appointed the head of a troubled human rights agency, in a move that is sure to enrage the opposition parties.

Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon announced late Tuesday that he had appointed Gerard Latulippe, a former Quebec Liberal who also ran for the Canadian Alliance federally in 2000, as president of Rights and Democracy. The announcement, which was made late at night on the eve of Wednesday's throne speech, came on the same day that it was reported that three senior managers at the Montreal-based agency had been fired.

The government-funded agency has been in turmoil for months as Tory appointees and other board members have clashed, squabbling over the funding of rights groups critical of Israeli policies. Critics have accused Stephen Harper's government of trying to gag legitimate criticism of Israel by meddling in what is supposed to be an independent body.

Again I take exception to the comment: '... that is sure to enrage the opposition parties.' Yes the opposition did their job and opposed, but this should enrage any Canadian citizen who is not nuts. Look at what just happened here. Wake up people.

Blogger Dr. Dawg says; the anti-gay rights Islamophobe Gérard Latulippe...

Mr. Latulippe was a colleague of Lawrence Cannon's when he was in the Quebec provincial government of Robert Bourassa.

He was also an advisor and the Quebec lieutenant of Stockwell Day's, and ran unsuccessfully for Day's Alliance Party in the 2000 election. As his lieutenant in that province, he must have also been involved with Stocky's coalition proposal to the separatist Bloc, as reported in the New York Times. Just don't tell Rodney Weston because he doesn't like deals made with parties that want to 'break up Canada'.

Apparently he wasn't privy to Harper's 'firewall letter' or heard of his plans to divide Canada along ethnic lines. If he did he'd be giving his boss a good talking to.

But what is more troubling about Latulippe, are his views of Muslims. He once argued that the “geographic concentration of more and more immigrants from Muslim countries” undermined “the proper functioning of Quebec society.” He added if Quebec failed to change the way it selected immigrants, it faced a significant threat: the “unnecessary risk of fostering domestic terrorism.”

"In our opinion this promotes an unfounded fear of Muslims and of Muslim immigration in Canada," said Ihsaan Gardee of the Council on American-Islamic Relations Canada.

We need fewer Hagee/McVety disciples, not more.



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