Friday, March 12, 2010

More of Harper's So-Called Haiti Relief. Where Was The Relief?

The photograph from the right was published in the Globe and Mail and was taken during Harper's visit to Haiti. ( the woman doesn't look too impressed)

Everyone in the media was singing his praises, suggesting that he was the island's saviour, though many groups on the ground felt that it looked more like an invasion and occupation than a relief mission.

That was my gut reaction, especially after learning that George Bush would be heading it up.

The Chronicle Herald recently published a story that contradicts Harper's claims as well as those of the media. Seems like the Canadian ships he sent were not laden with supplies, medical or otherwise.

OTTAWA — When HMCS Athabaskan and HMCS Halifax were ordered to sail on a humanitarian mission to Haiti on Jan. 13, they worked through the night, passing boxes hand to hand, loading stores aboard the ships — everything they would need for the humanitarian mission.

But sailors didn’t take aboard much in the way of relief aid — food packages, medical supplies or shelters — for distribution to Haitians.

That's odd. Harper wouldn't lie would he?

In the House of Commons on Thursday, during his response to the speech from the throne, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said otherwise. "Ships of the Atlantic fleet were immediately ordered to Haiti from Halifax, loaded with relief supplies," he said as he recapped the government’s efforts to help Haiti recover from the earthquake.

But: During the voyage, some sailors wondered if the ships might have been better ff staying in port a little longer — say 12 hours — to take on more relief supplies, food aid and medical equipment before sailing for Haiti.

And according to others involved in the relief mission, CIDA is very slow at getting funds out the door. So what did Harper do to help the people of Haiti?

Seems like this was all for show and a few new snapshots to put on his wall.

Same old, same old.


  1. Emily, the picture of Harper made my skin crawl. He is completely uninvolved with the women and the child in the photo. In fact, he is holding his own hand and looking smug. But the idea that he would lie about the contents of the two navy ships makes my stomach sick. Why would a politician of any country, but especially Canada, take advantage of another country's disastrous misfortune just to make himself look good? Wouldn't he know he'd be exposed as a fraud and an opportunist? I am sad to think Canada has sunk so low.

  2. You're right. They aren't even looking at him. I think they know they're being used. He should be ashamed, but I can assure you he has no shame.