Friday, March 26, 2010

Why do We Need Armoured Vehicles in Canada?

I can't believe who we are now.

Since when did Canada's domestic police forces need armoured vehicles? Just how horrible are Harper's plans for this country that he needs this crap?

I'm just feeling so frustrated these days. Super prisons, the death penalty and soldiers in the streets. I guess we should have seen this coming.

Robert Gordon, director of Simon Fraser University's school of criminology and a former police officer, says armoured vehicles might make sense in the United States where there's a wider availability of guns, but he wonders whether they're necessary in Canada.

"What kind of urban warfare do police services think they're going to be encountering?" he said. "I think there is an element of this equipment being purchased because it's new toys for boys."

Gordon said, in his opinion, the line between civil police service and military service in the country is blurring.

I couldn't agree more. Puts those Liberal attack ads in perspective, doesn't it?

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