Saturday, March 6, 2010

Canadians Calling for the Resignation of Jason Kenney

This week Chris Selley in the National Post, discussed Jason Kenney's flip-flop on who decided to keep gay and lesbian rights out of the new citizenship guide.

And despite the fact that emails confirm that the directions came from Kenney himself, when asked by a reporter why he did it, he replied "I did not do such a thing," and "No, no, you are wrong." Then darted out the door.

This is a pattern with this man actually, when he runs out of verbal vomit; to take a runner.

However, I do take exception with Selley's views.

To a certain segment of the Canadian population, the revelation that Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney deliberately nixed references to gay rights and same-sex marriage in the new Citizenship Guide has been utterly scandalous. But to no segment should it have been surprising. It's not as if Mr. Kenney has ever been a champion of gay or same-sex rights. At the end of the day, he was just a government minister doing his job as he saw fit.

....Canadian Press has reported, and Mr. Kenney has not denied, that he told a gay rights group in December that the lack of homosexual content in the Citizenship Guide was an "oversight." Clearly it was not. This suggests political doublespeak, but again, it's hardly shocking. If there's a scandal here, to my mind it's Mr. Kenney's behaviour since his direct role in axing the gay-friendly material was revealed ... This is the second time in three months Mr. Kenney has managed to create a needless, unedifying sideshow in pursuance of an objective he and his government are perfectly within their rights to pursue.

Actually Mr. Selley, this government does not have the right to pursue the changes they deliberately made to the guide. It was clearly written based on their plans for Canada. No health care, no social services, but more importantly no women, no gays and no ethnics.

It is a Reformer's view of Canada. War, men's sports, English, French and Aboriginals, with nothing that describes how we force our first nations to live.

And nothing about the historical significance of the 1/3 of Canadians who were not born of English, French or Aboriginal stock.

Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms provides protection for everyone, including our gay and lesbian citizens, but more importantly it provides recognition. They can't simply be written out on a whim.

There is a Facebook group that has started up Canadians Calling for the Resignation of Jason Kenney. He has clearly gone too far and needs to be stopped. (update: There is also a petition you can sign here and another one here)

He's operating his ministry like the Gestapo, where his word rules supreme. Enough is enough. As a homophobic, Zionist with delusions of grandeur, he is clearly a danger to himself and others.

His Canada may exclude anyone not in his orbit, but my Canada excludes him. It's that simple.

I'm using this post to promote the social networking group, as well as organize my posts on this horrible little man.


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  1. Let's call a spade a spade. When Kenney told EGALE that the lack of gay issues was "an oversight" he lied. It wasn't political double speak. It was an outright LIE. This lying bigot must be removed from office.

    please sign the petition here:

  2. Thanks Jason. I'll update the post and add your link to the petition. I will also gladly sign it. And you are right. He LIED!