Sunday, March 14, 2010

How Dean Del Mastro Got it So Wrong

While he was on his two and half month vacation, Dean Del Mastro told his local paper that the break was not just so that his boss could sell us out in a bogus Buy America scheme, but also so that they no longer had to be asked embarrassing questions about the Afghan Detainee issue.

Yes, I'm kidding. That's what he should have said if he was into the truth, but he's just another hand puppet, so on the issue of possible complicity in torture Deano had this to say:

The Afghan detainees issue has nothing to do with the prorogation of Parliament, Del Mastro said. The opposition parties are twisting the facts on the Afghan detainees issue, he said. "The opposition is way off base on where Canadians are at on that," he said, adding it's about "potentially, alleged abuse which may have occurred between Afghans (officials) and Afghans (detainees) ... that may have been turned over by Canadian Forces."

Since Harper keeps a death grip on the media, only allowing his MPs to speak on the local level, I'm dragging them kicking and screaming into the national story. And since most of what Del Mastro had to say locally, is completely false; I thought I'd set the record straight.

Again it was not the opposition who brought this to our attention, but groups you may have heard of like our Military Police, Amnesty International, the International Red Cross, the U.S. State Department and NATO.

Now while on vacation Deano's party went into action, cutting funds to Richard Colvin and limiting the scope of the investigation, not by the opposition, but by the justice system whose job it is to make sure that the Geneva Convention is upheld.

OTTAWA - Foreign Affairs officials have been called to testify before a probe into Canada's transfer of Afghan detainees - despite a court ruling that limited the inquiry's ability to delve beyond military ranks.

The Military Police Complaints Commission has sent summonses to a total of 25 people from the Canadian Forces, National Defence and Foreign Affairs, said Nancy-Ann Walker, a spokeswoman for the commission.

And since Deano's boss fired the last person to head up the Military police inquiry, because he was getting too close to the truth, things will definitely slow down.

And he has also placed a corporate lawyer in charge of determining whether or not the 1867 Constitution of this country is now null and void. That would be the charter giving all of our elected officials full access to all government documents.

OTTAWA - The Conservative government gave a former Supreme Court justice guidelines Saturday for a review of whether MPs can see uncensored Afghan detainee documents, but critics were quick to call the decision a "stalling exercise" that wastes time and money ... "Iacobucci will provide our government with valuable advice for fulfilling our responsibilities to parliamentarians, Canadians and the Canadian Forces in Afghanistan," Justice Minister Rob Nicholson said in a news release.

... "I think this is an expensive waste of time, but it really seems to be designed to delay political consideration for a long time, well into the possibility of an election happening," NDP defence critic Jack Harris said in an interview Saturday. Paul Champ, a lawyer who represents Amnesty International, also said Iacobucci's review will only boil down to a second opinion, as government officials and lawyers would have already vetted the documents for national security concerns.

So next time Dean Del Mastro spins a story for the local paper I will be there. I promise.


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