Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jason Kenney's New Citizenship Guide Excludes Women, Healthcare, the Environment, Gays and Canadians

I play this video every time the Reformers chip another piece off Canada, to remind me of who we were before they got their hands on this beautiful country, and who we will be again when we get it back.

In yesterday's Tyee, Donald Gutstein writes a great critique on Jason Kenney's new citizenship guide, which goes into use the middle of the month.

He discusses at length all of the things that the book excludes, but running down the list, I realized there was something glaringly missing from this new handbook for the misguided.


Oh yes, it refers to the term 208 times, but nowhere does it describe who real Canadians are. They give their version of a Canadian, defined by war (55 times), hockey and the royal family.

But if you ever wondered what Harper's agenda was for Canada, read this book. No health care, no unions, no social safety net, no environmental protection, no gays, no women's rights, and no protection of women; other than that you can't mutilate our private parts.

The picture of Canada painted in the document will not be recognizable to many Canadians who grew up in a country of peacekeepers, of equal rights and opportunities for all, of the cultural mosaic, of a country shaped by collective experiences and a respect for a social safety net.

But look on the bright side. It does include the words to 'God the Queen'. I remember having to sing that every morning at school .... back in the 50s. I used to wonder what messes the Queen got herself into that we had to keep saving her from.


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