Saturday, March 13, 2010

Anthem Flap, What a Sap, Holy Crap!

If there was ever any doubt that the mainstream media has gone completely nuts, John Ibbitson's column this week would convince you.

I had to reread it, waiting for the punch line, but he either left it out, or is losing his touch.

This man is a seasoned and once respected journalist. What in the heck happened?

I mean I know he was always Conservative, but at one time I would have put him down as a Canadian conservative, not this new radical movement, which is a mixture of religious fundamentalism and insanity.

Helen Thomas was right. Our media has lost their gift of skepticism, a much needed talent actually, if you want to be a political journalist in the first place. Otherwise, you are nothing more than communications staff for the PMO, and he already has enough of those. We can't afford anymore.

The Anthem Flap

This was nothing more than a diversion. There was never any intention of changing a word of that anthem. None.

But what happened? The debate that ensued pit right against left again, supposedly. The only difference was, the Canadian people opposed the move. It was not a right-wing/left-wing issue. And the Conservatives do not own Canadian patriotism. In fact, given that the PM sold us off to the U.S. while he was on his 2 1/2 month vacation; I would say that he does not get to have a vote about anything Canadian.

What a Sap

Most Canadians – a whopping 65 per cent, in fact – put themselves in the centre of the political spectrum, according to a poll conducted by Allan Gregg of Harris/Decima and professor AndrĂ© Turcotte of Carleton University for the Manning Centre, a conservative think-tank.

I am actually surprised that it wouldn't be more who find themselves in the centre politically. I know I am. But Stephen Harper is so far from the centre he needs a map and a compass to find his way there. And quoting a poll from Harper's mentor and the man who led the Reform Party (his father helped to found the National Citizens Coalition), is the most absurd thing I've ever heard. They have no credibility. Zip, zilch Nada.

Two of this country's authorities on neo-conservatism, Eugene Lang and Philip DeMont, might want to sit down with Ibbitson and fill him him, because frankly the man has no clue.

A new conventional wisdom has emerged. The Harper government has been labelled moderate, centrist – even "liberal." ... Nothing could be further from the truth. The Harper government has, in fact, remained very true to its ideology. But that ideology is not "conservative." Rather, it is "neoconservative," and this makes a big difference on the question of deficits and fiscal policy.

I agree Mr. Ibbitson. Most Canadians are in the centre. A nice comfortable place to be, especially since we know that Stephen Harper is nowhere near us.

Holy Crap

Most of the time, these right-wing nuts are ignored. But whenever Mr. Harper appears to have enough support to form a majority government, the base starts to get excited and aggressive, and social Darwins “bare their teeth andembrace things that the majority of Canadians don't want to see,” says Mr. Turcotte. This frightens enough centrists to keep the Liberals in the game and the Conservatives confined to minority governments.

I hope whatever this man is smoking doesn't get him a one year minimum, but the right wing nut jobs that keep him from getting a majority, are a group now known as the 'Conservative caucus'. And the king of social Darwinism is a man by the name of Stephen Joseph Harper.

Should I refresh your memory?
"In terms of the unemployed, of which we have over a million-and-a-half, I don't feel particularly bad for many of these people." (1997 speech to the Council for National Policy)

These proposals included cries for billions of new money for social assistance in the name of “child poverty” and for more business subsidies in the name of “cultural identity. In both cases I was sought out as a rare public figure to oppose such projects.”
(The Bulldog, National Citizens Coalition, February 1997)

"Universality has been severely reduced: it is virtually dead as a concept in most areas of public policy…These achievements are due in part to the Reform Party…"
(Speech to the Colin Brown Memorial Dinner, National Citizens Coalition, 1994)

"Human rights commissions, as they are evolving, are an attack o­n our fundamental freedoms and the basic existence of a democratic society…It is in fact totalitarianism. I find this is very scary stuff."
(BC Report News magazine, January 11, 1999)

Now, the term Progressive Conservative will immediately raise suspicions in all of your minds. It should. It's obviously kind of an oxymoron ... The Reform party is much closer to what you would call conservative Republican ...
(1997 speech to the Council for National Policy)

So yes Mr. Ibbitson, we are a country who thinks from the centre. We believe in democracy, freedom of the press and free speech. We believe in human rights and human dignity. We believe in equality, including gender equality and gay rights.

And this is why the majority of Canadians do not believe in Stephen Harper, and I'm guessing will no longer believe in you. You should be ashamed.

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  1. Thank you for this! I read that same Ibbitson column & thought it must be a spoof or something, it was so ridiculous! Good to hear I wasn't the only one!