Monday, March 8, 2010

Conservative Bigotry Now Defining Canadian Values

To say that the Reformers are bigots, is like saying Sarah Palin is ignorant. Tell us something we don't know.

A story by Paul Koring (an excellent journalist always) in the Globe and Mail, only reveals that nothing has changed. They are still the same party they were more than 20 years ago, where only Anglo, Judea-Christian males need apply.
Public Safety Minister Vic Toews has been ordered to reconsider the Harper government's refusal to allow a Canadian citizen to return home to serve out his prison sentence.

In an unprecedented federal court ruling, the minister was given 45 days to explain and justify or reconsider the decision. It seems “inconsistent and arbitrary, and therefore it lacks transparency,” ruled Mr. Justice Robert Barnes of the Federal Court.

Yavar Hameed, the lawyer representing Dwayne Grant, the Canadian black man denied permission to return home, said he believed bias played a role in the Harper's government's decision ... Mr. Van Loan rejected the unanimous advice of senior government officials who recommended last March that Mr. Grant be allowed to return to Canada to serve out his sentence. “He's a black man; maybe that's why the treatment is different,” Mr. Grant's fiancĂ©e, Felecia Douglas, said in an interview prior to the judge's ruling last Thursday. In that ruling, Judge Barnes raised the same issues of double standards ...

There is a pattern of this kind of selective citizenship, that is not confined to Peter Van Loan. It just represents the Reformer's view of Canada.

I did have to correct one remark by Koring though:
In some high-profile cases, the Harper government has acted quite differently. Amid a public outcry, Prime Minister Stephen Harper sent a cabinet member to Mexico in May of 2008 to sort out the release of Brenda Martin, a white woman.

The government then chartered an executive jet for $82,000 and flew Ms. Martin, who had been convicted of fraud in connection with a pyramid scheme that bilked more than 15,000 people $60-million and sentenced to five years in prison, back to Canada. She was released from prison eight days later.
So I left this comment:
I have to correct the Brenda Martin situation. Harper did send Helena Guergis to Mexico to look into it, and all Guergis did was party. Martin said she NEVER even came to talk to her and prison officials confirmed they heard not a word from the minister.

It was only after W-Five exposed the story, that the Harper government took action. It had nothing to do with justice or protecting Canadian citizens.And as to 'Liberal' judges. They are Canadian judges appointed by the elected (by us) government of the day.And given that 2/3 of Canadians still live on the left side of the political spectrum, they best represent 'our values'.


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