Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Harper Government Once Again Prove They Have Someting to Hide

As it is becoming more apparent that the so-called Economic Action Plan, was little more than a public relations scheme, to boost the Reformer's profile; a recent story helps to validate that claim.

Harper Aide, Ryan Sparrow, worked to keep the five million dollar price tag of the Olympic ad scheme, a secret.

A senior Conservative official repeatedly intervened last month to try and suppress the revelation that Ottawa spent $5-million on a TV advertising blitz surrounding the Vancouver Olympics, new records show.

In a tense exchange of e-mails over a two-day period, ministerial aide Ryan Sparrow blocked attempts by bureaucrats to reveal the price tag of the ads that aimed to promote Conservative budgetary measures.

The civil service had prepared the numbers in response to a question from The Globe and Mail, but records just released under the Access to Information Act show that Mr. Sparrow managed to temporarily hold back on their release.

Another journalist who tried to get information on ad spending for the action plan (now believed to be over one hundred million dollars), received over two hundred pages of junk.

If we are finding it this difficult to learn this government's secrets, what of the ones we don't find about? There is a very disturbing pattern here.


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  1. Emily, today, the Victoria Times Colonist reports that the Feds hired a Norwegian Company to build a crane at Victoria Graving Dock, under the infrastructure stimulus plan, who in turn hired workers from China to do the construction work. Union workers are outside the gates protesting. Please note, the infrastructure stimulus signs were purchased south of the border, as was the big ugly Canada Pavilian tent at the olympics. Also, our provincial government has the newest fleet of BC Ferries, a newly private corporation, made in Germany!