Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Helena Guergis Encourages Staff to Lie For Her

In an attempt to change public opinion, Helena Guergis, the minister of putting women back in the kitchen; has had her staff (technically our staff, since we pay their salary) write letters to the editor on her behalf.

Now there's nothing wrong with her staff writing letters, but they must identify themselves as her staff.

A long-time spokesperson of Minister Helena Guergis insists there was no conflict of interest when she wrote a glowing letter to Maclean’s about her
boss—but failed to identify herself as the MP’s employee.

Knight’s stunt coincides with a similar incident: earlier Tuesday, another Guergis staffer, Jessica Craven, was caught sending flattering letters about the minister to Ontario newspapers using her married name, Morgan. She has apologized, and insists Guergis had no idea. The minister has since spoken out, calling these letters “inappropriate.”

Naturally she's denying that she was aware, but c'mon. Just how stupid do you think we are Helena?

Do you think we're all as stupid as .... ah, never mind. She's not worth it.

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