Saturday, March 6, 2010

Rabble's Not Rex Murphy Contest and James Laxer

The above video is from James Laxer, the 5th finalist in Rabble's not Rex Murphy contest.

James Laxer is a lecturer and author, and has a blog that you can visit here. And be sure to go to Rabble to vote.

Mr. Laxer mentions not just the Afghan detainee issue, but the horrendous trade deal that Harper signed without debate, preventing provinces and municipalities from granting contracts to local or Canadian companies first. They must instead tender out to American firms, who will no doubt be able to undercut our own people.

I always thought he'd need a majority to sell us off, but all he needed was a sleeping public, who sadly woke up too late.

Be sure to visit Rabble, watch all the videos and vote for your favourite. These types of contests are an excellent way to engage people in the political process.

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