Friday, March 5, 2010

Rabble's Not Rex Murphy Contest and Muriel Wiens

Rabble currently has a 'Not Rex Murphy' contest, where challengers can present videos of their own broadcasts, to replace this horrible news personality.

Voting has started and it is time for you to select the winner(s) of the Not Rex Murphy contest. Tens of thousands agree: We have had enough of Rex Murphy and his reactionary, mean-spirited attacks on all the things that make Canada a great place to live. Since CBC hasn't put any balancing voices to Rex on their flagship news show The National, will do our part.

The winner(s) of the Not Rex contest will be featured presenting a video commentary on on the same nights as Mr. Murphy presents commentary on CBC.

The voting is taking place now, so you can watch the five finalist's tapes and then choose your favourite.

It was tough for me, because they are all very good, and bring up important elements of the Harper government. However, I chose Muriel.

She makes some very compelling statements, not the least of which that all of our watch dogs, experts, diplomats, etc. are warning us of the DANGER of this government. This is not just about their corruption and incompetence, but the DANGER that they have put this country in.

Their unprecedented secrecy should be raising a lot of alarms. Sadly, the alarms are not nearly loud enough to awaken the media, though many Canadians are finally coming out of hibernation, and asking themselves how they let this happen.

I also liked her references to the Buy America/Sell Canada trade deal that Harper inked during his 2 1/2 month vacation. "Permanent and traitorous" and "we will now pay our taxes directly to foreign corporations."

The Reformer's not so much a budget as a regurgitation of old ideas, most from Mike Harris, (the former Ontario premier, whose name can still cause many of us to run for cover) was just enough to keep them in power. However, I hope the opposition parties can work together to take control of the agenda.

If not, I'm afraid of what is going to start taking place these next few months, as Roger Douglas, John Hagee and Leo Strauss, take over. It won't be pretty.


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