Sunday, March 14, 2010

Will the United States Save us From Jason Kenney?

Since I am now clearly an enemy of the state, because I seek a peaceful solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and have no desire to throw all the Jews in boats and 'lovingly assist' them back to Israel; I am going to continue to speak up before they shut me up. (like anyone could)

The Harper regime is attempting to pass legislation making it illegal to suggest that Israeli aggression is wrong, or that we must put an end to the apartheid.

They are doing this under the guise of anti-Semitism, by suggesting that if we denounce Israel, we are in fact denouncing all Jews. Yes, ridiculous I know, but this government is not playing with a full deck. In fact, I'm not sure they even hold a single card. We need debate not legislation.

When the world rallied against the South African apartheid, it was not because we were against South Africa, the people of South Africa or whites everywhere.

We were against the apartheid of South Africa, that oppressed the native people. And our efforts resulted in ending this barbaric practice.

Can you imagine if the government of the day forbid us from speaking up? And yet that is exactly what's happening today.

So why are we not morally outraged?

I suspect a lot of it has to do with the flow of information, or lack thereof. The simple fact is that our citizens are not privy to events as they unfold, and our media lives in constant fear. Or at least those in the media who still give a damn.

One man in the above video is David Frum, a former George Bush speech writer and Harper insider. His sister was one of the patronage senate appointments, anointed by the exalted one.

Frum is debating George Galloway, the British MP that Jason Kenney would not allow into our country because he did not share this government's Zionist view of the middle east, or their search for the rapture at the detriment of those in their path. Like myself, he believes that these 'new' friends of Israel, have an agenda. A terrifying agenda.

Fortunately George Bush and the Republicans are not in power, because they were definitely on board with this nonsense. But Barack Obama is not nuts, so maybe he will be the one to stop this insanity.

When our foreign policy is being based on a Biblical prophesy, we no longer have any legitimacy.

David Frum and Spin Doctoring

Despite the fact that Frum has taken out an American citizenship, he is still a regular in the National Post's poison pen club. I try to avoid the National Post whenever possible, and Frum even more so; but since this just keeps getting uglier, and this man won't go away, I have to show you how they twist this.

Remember those visceral attacks on the Liberals because they weren't nuts?

Well Frum tried to do the same thing with the current U.S. President.

Extracting a straight answer from Barack Obama is admittedly like nailing the proverbial Jello to the wall ... Jeffrey Goldberg goes to work to try to elicit a clear response from the presumptive Democratic nominee on the question of Israel, Zionism and his own personal feelings about the American Jewish community.

GOLDBERG: I’m curious to hear you talk about the Zionist idea. Do you believe that it has justice on its side?

Hmm. The Zionist idea is not about Justice. It's about inflicting horror, a step above terror. But clearly this is an attempt to tie Zionism in with the American Jewish community, when in fact most in that community don't support the Zionist idea themselves. This is stereotyping at it's worst.

The United States government is clearly sending a message to these so-called 'friends' of Israel to smarten up. Of course Kenney and Frum will no doubt start calling Obama an anti-Semite, but he won't care. And the reason he won't care is because he's not nuts. In the same way that most Jewish people think that Kenney and his ilk are.

John Hagee, the leader of this troop of the insane, once stated that Hitler was doing God's work. Enough said.

Israeli leader urges calm over row with Washington

JERUSALEM — Israel's prime minister tried to play down a serious diplomatic dispute with the United States on Sunday, urging calm after another stern rebuke from Washington over plans to build 1,600 new apartments for Jews in contested east Jerusalem.

Israel's already strained relationship with the U.S. hit a new low last week when Israel announced the construction plans during a visit by Vice President Joe Biden. The timing of the announcement deeply embarrassed the Obama administration and put plans for indirect peace talks with the Palestinians in jeopardy. The U.S. responded with repeated condemnations, including a lecture from Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton over the weekend.


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