Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Did Harper MP Lee Richardson Get Taxpayer Bailout?

You may remember Lee Richardson as the man who claimed that the majority of Canada's criminals were immigrants.

"Talk to the police. Look at who’s committing these crimes ... They’re not the kid that grew up next door.”

Maybe the people committing crimes are not the people who lived next door to Richardson, after all.

Now this is all still alleged, and nothing has been proven, but it looks as though Richardson may have been involved in some questionable practices himself.

Rabble has nicely exposed a transaction that took place between Richardson and Lisa Raitt, that saw his company receive a 'gift' from the Canadian taxpayer.

This was done when Raitt was Minister of Natural Resources and Richardson the Chair of the Natural Resources Committee. His company, Streetlight Intelligence Inc., secured a grant of $185,000.00.

The optics do not look good here and Richardson's folks next door may need to find a new neighbourhood.

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